Transportation Infrastructure Project Co-financed by the State and Private Businesses

Transportation infrastructure development is a top priority, which can only benefit when the State and private businesses put their efforts together. The Government of the Russian Federation has set up a special Investment Fund to implement projects which will be co-financed by the State and private businesses.
In 2006 the RF Government made the first decisions to use the Investment Fund to promote projects co-financed by the State and private businesses thus stressing the importance of road construction for infrastructure development. So far the Government has chosen three such road construction projects. They are Moscow –St. Petersburg and Moscow-Odintsovo highways and the western expressway diameter in St. Petersburg. To carry out these projects the Government will hold tenders to choose investors-concessionaires who will build these highways and will operate them on a long-term concession basis.
Alliance Group has initiated participation of Atlantia (leading Italian toll road operator) in the projects of road construction in Russian Federation.
Atlantia’s subsidiary Western Road Concessions successfully passed prequalification in the tender for construction/ concession project of the toll road Moscow-Odintsovo.
Italian and French highway-operating companies have accumulated great expertise to implement such projects since the 1950s when toll roads were introduced into those countries. Alliance Group is offering information and consulting support to perspective European bidders that are willing to participate in concession tenders.