The project “Arctic marine technologies”
Alliance Group is a shareholder of Arctic Marine Technologies company (AMT), which was established in order to systematically integrate professional Russian and international experience in organizing work in the Arctic.
The partners of the Alliance Group in this project are the Swedish company Arctic Marine Solutions AB, which has more than 30 years of experience in the Arctic region in the interests of large oil and gas companies, and the State Scientific Research Navigation and Hydrographic Institute of the Ministry of Defense (GNINGI) It is one of the oldest institutes of the Russian Navy and the main research organization of Russia for navigation, hydrographic and hydrometeorological support of maritime activities.

The main objective of the company "Arctic Marine Technologies" is to provide a systematic approach in developing solutions for customers of the oil and gas sector to implement projects on the Arctic shelf, which include:
• Management of the ice situation, allowing to extend the operational "window" during exploration and production activities;
• Conducting various assessments and assessments of works;
• Assistance and advice on obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for work on the Arctic shelf;
• Consulting services on the formation of the optimal set of marine equipment, taking into account the logistics tasks and requirements of the ice management system;
• Provision of highly qualified personnel;
• Recommendations for the expansion of the fleet of ice-class vessels, to optimize the tasks of ice management and logistics;
• Ensuring of guaranteed ecological safety;
• Assistance in marketing and PR activities.

The implementation of the services listed above allows AMT clients to reduce the costs of offshore operations, reduce environmental risks, obtain marketing advantages in the domestic and foreign markets, and strengthen the positions of companies in the search and negotiations with foreign partners in the joint implementation of long-term projects in the Arctic.

The advantage of Arctic Marine Technologies is the concentration of the best professional experience of working in the Arctic in Russia, which will allow setting high standards of work on the Arctic shelf, as well as taking the leading positions on the development of the Arctic in the international arena.