The SSJ-100 project was initially focused on creating an aircraft, capable for global competition. For a long time, this project with a high degree of international production integration was the only Russian project in the field of civil aircraft inustry. The international image of the project worked in its favor for a long time, but at a certain point of time it became its weak side. Manufacturing of the SSJ-100 in Russia has been stopped for reasons related to the sanctions of a number of foreign states. The design bureau did not waste the time and now the SSJ-100 is being replaced by SSJ-New  - the next generation of the Sukhoi Super Jet family. The new aircraft has developed taking into account the groundwork obtained before. That is a completely Russian product.

Since 2006, the Alliance Group has been a consultant for the SSJ-100 Project. Within that mission, the Alliance Group initiated the entry of the Italian partner, Alenia Aermacchi, into the stock capital of Sukhoi Civil Airctaft Company (25% + 1 share) and the parity participation of Sukhoi Company and Alenia Aermacchi in the Superjet International (service and sales company in Venice). The efforts of the Alliance Group made allowed making this project international.

Freezing of the SSJ-100 assembly at the plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur does not mean that the project is over. Alliance Group has initiated a relocation of SSJ-100 assembly from Russia to the UAE and actively works under this opportunity. We hope that our efforts will allow to the new Emirati-made Superjets, designed in Russia to take to the air soon, and that the aircraft itself will become the “first sign” of the Arab civil aviation industry, which in fact it has become in Russia.