Complex of aquaculture for environmental monitoring of Primorsk port waters

Alliance Group jointly with “Sadco” Ltd. (St.-Petersburg) won in 2017 year a competition, announced by Transneft for performance of research and construction of aquaculture complex for Primorsk port (Russia, Gulf of Finland). The complex of aquaculture is destined for environmental monitoring of the seaport area of water, but it will be able to produce a valuable commercial fish as well and under regular quality control. It is considered besides fish to cultivate other biological objects as algae and invertebrates aboriginal for the Gulf of Finland. Hydrobionts are alive and most sensitive indicators of a water quality, they are able to response its negative changes. Combination of biological and chemical methods of environmental monitoring in the area of water of Primorsk port will make possible to assess surely all possible impacts from the seaport to marine environment or to demonstrate obviously an absence of any impacts.

The project was completed in 2020, the complex was successfully put into operation.