In order to create new opportunities for naval commercial shipbuilding, R&D and design of modern supply vessel and drilling platform to be used on the Arctic sea shelf and Arctic shore infrastructure Alliance Group set cooperation with Krylov State Research Center. A number of works in the field of R&D were done for Krylov State Research Center by Alliance Group.

Alliance Group set on cooperation of Krylov Center and Fincantieri on development of a new Arctic drillship and became a coordinator of their joint activity. Because of uncertainty on oil development market Krylov Center and Fincantieri have paused cooperation in this field.

At the moment Alliance Group is involved into consultation between Rosneft and Fincantieri. Taking into account needs of Rosneft in vessels to serve drilling programs of the company on the Arctic sea shelf, an opportunity to establish a Joint Engineering Center of Rosneft and Fincantieri seems sensible and promising. 

At the moment United Shipbuilding Corporation and Fincantieri supported by Alliance Group are considering cooperation in design and shipbuilding of sea-river cruisers, trawlers and other vessels.