Geological-Geophysical and Oceanographic studies in Arctic Waters and expert, analytical and consulting activity in the sphere of geological studies and subsoil use

Based on the accumulated experience in organization of marine scientific studies in arctic region and successful cooperation with Russian Academy of Sciences, in 2009 Alliance Group has been offered to participate in organization of fundamental scientific studies, targeted to receiving of geophysical data on Earth crust structure. They include marine geophysical studies by various seismic methods and a complex of oceanographic studies. Geological interpretation of actual and oceanographic data models allows reconstructing geological history of high latitude Arctic sectors formation by creating multivariate geotectonic models. Series of geodynamic models are being created through consequent geochronological sections with the interval of 5-10 mln. years. During such modeling we can reveal dependence between geomorphology of sea beds and deep core structure.
In 2009-2011 most of the works were done in an Eastern Part - the least explored part of Arctic basin.
In 2012 The Scientific coordination Council Rosnedra –Russian Academy of Science has approved geological-geophysical and oceanographic activity of Alliance Group in Arctic. The resolution of the aforesaid Council has also set out the order and main directions of interaction between Alliance Group, Rosnedra and the Academy in the sphere of Russian arctic continental shelf studies.
Implementing the decisions of the Council in 2012-2013 Alliance Group has successfully organized studies in the Barents and Kara seas along with continuation of studies in Eastern Arctic basin. This took a wider international cooperation, first of all with Arctic countries such as USA and Norway on the basis of PPP model. The results of the abovementioned Projects are reported to the Scientific Council and all the data was submitted to Rosgeolfund in due course under the current legislation.
There were such well-known scientific organizations participating in this project along with Alliance Group, as JSC GNINGI and Federal State Enterprise SEVMORGEO, JSC SMNG, JSC DMNG and a number of foreign partners, including BP and ION.
This project is interesting for a long-term perspective, taking into account low exploration degree of the region and quality of acquired data. Also, it is noteworthy that a serious volume of the acquired data was delivered for use in the renewed Russian Application for the UN Commission on Continental Shelf, which has been successfully submitted in February 2016.
Besides organization and implementation of a large scale scientific projects in arctic zone Alliance Group is also involved in expert, analytical and consulting activity in the sphere of geological studies and subsoil use with the following directions worth to highlight:
- Independent assessment of proposals and projects in sphere of geological studies and production from various deposits (hydrocarbons, all range of metal and non-metal subsoil) in the territory of Russia, CIS and other countries.
- Preparation of information and analytical materials on condition, conjuncture and prospects of subsoil use in Russia and other countries on the wide range of subsoil.
- Critical analysis of terms and provisions of Russian legislation in sphere of geological studies and subsoil use.
- Attraction of investment, including foreign, into geological projects in Russia.
- Presentation of made research, results and proposals throughout profile forums, including international ones, parliament hearings, publications in various media, introduction to study plans in educational institutions of geological profile.
- Participation in preparation of resulting documents (decisions, recommendations) of different events, organized by Federation Council, Rosnedra, Academy of Science and public organizations of geological and environmental profile.