Consulting, Expertise and Analysis in the Sphere of Mineral Resources

The ALLIANCE Group provides

  1. Consulting services to foreign and Russian oil & gas producing and mining companies.
  2. Feasibility studies and expert appraisals of the promising oil-, gas- and ore- bearing areas and assets.
  3. Independent expert examinations and peer reviews of geological-geophysical and geological-economic data on oil-, gas- and ore- bearing areas and assets.
  4. Analyses and reviews on development and use of mineral resources.
  5. Expert opinions on market trends for hydrocarbons and other mineral resources.
  6. Investments including foreign funds for geological and geophysical studies and mineral resources development.

In the sphere of geology the ALLIANCE Group has been operating in close cooperation with the Russian Geological Society and a number of Russian and foreign companies, including the following:

  • TNK-BP
  • Imperial Energy, Ltd.
  • Heritage Oil&Gas, Ltd.
  • Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)