Nuclear Energy, Spent Fuel Management, Environmental Protection and Non-Proliferation

In 2000 the Alliance Group led international efforts to form a nonprofit organization called the Association for the Cardinal Solution to the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Problems and Ecological Improvement (the Association).
The principal purposes of the Association are:
• to promote and strengthen the nuclear weapons non-proliferation regime;
• to expedite entry of Russia’s state agencies into the international market of services dealing with spent nuclear fuel (SNF);
• to prevent health and environmental damage caused by fabrication, storage, use and disposal of nuclear weapons;
• to ensure ecological rehabilitation of Russia’s territories, including the use of proceeds derived from nuclear energy peaceful applications;
• to support and promote Russia’s nuclear high technologies, to ensure efficient use of Russia’s research-and-production potential in the nuclear power field;
• to promote conversion of the enterprises which were earlier involved in the military nuclear programs, creation of new jobs, solutions to related social problems.

In cooperation with the US Non-Proliferation Trust (NPT) the Association has developed the Long-term Fissile Materials Safeguards and Security Project.