Ecological Monitoring - Project MontenEco

Alliance Group in partnership with Russian and Montenegrin partners develops methods of the ecological monitoring of the Boko-Kotorska Bay, based not on measuring of individual pollutant concentration, but on the analysis of integral environmental quality charachteristics. Such approach also known as “intellectual monitoring” widely uses mathematical modeling and bio-indication of health condition of living habitants. At present there is a number of project proposals is being prepared (in collaboration with St-Petersburg SRC of Ecological Safety RAN (St-Petersburg), HMZ (Podgorica) and IBM (Kotor)) based on bio-indicator approach and bio-electronic equipment donated by Alliance Group to Environmental Agency of Montenegro that allows testing of invertebrates mollusk health conditions and thereby estimation of costal marine ecosystem level of integral pollution.

Alliance Group supplied Cardio Monitor and Valve Gape Monitor equipment systems for the ecological monitoring of the waters of Boko-Kotorska Bay to Institute of Marine Biology .

The similar project was successfully fulfilled earlier in Burgas Bay (Bulgaria).

Participants of the Project
Institute of Marine Biology (Kotor, Montenegro)
Hydrometeorological Institute (Podgorica, Montenegro)
Scientific Research Center of Ecological Safety RAN (St-Petersburg)
State Oceanographic Institute (Russia)
Attractor (Kotor, Montenegro)