Levon V. Oganessian

Doctor of Geology, Professor, Academician of Academy of Natural Sciences

He graduated from Erevan State University, Geology faculty (1959) and postgraduate in Moscow Geological Institute (1965).

Doctor of Geology, professor, Academician of Academy of Natural Sciences, Academy of Mining Sciences, International Academy of Mineral Resources, honorable geologist of the Russian Federation, honorable subsoil discoverer.

Form 1959 till 1986 he worked in scientific and production geological organizations in various regions of the Soviet Union, including 15 years in High North.

Since 1986 till 2001 he worked in central administrations of Ministry of Geology of Russia, Rosnedra, Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia in high positions in Science, Analytics and Strategic Development. Vice-President of the Russian Geological Society.

Author of more than 120 publications (including foreign: in Austria, Germany, Brazil, China) and 7 monographs.

Левон Ваганович Оганесян